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Career of Evil
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Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination
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Filed Under: Career of Evil, Cormoran Strike Series, Exclusive // Oct 29 2015

To celebrate the release of the third Cormoran Strike novel, Career of Evil , Little,Brown Publishers hosted a Panic Room event. Think murder mystery dinner theater Strike edition! Always J.K. Rowling & Potterish reported live from the scene of the crime in gruesome detail!

Wednesday, October 21st – London

A mysterious plaque at Denmark Street, in London; a phone number and an invitation to play detective. That’s how the events for Career of Evil, new Cormoran Strike book, by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) started.

The idea was that the fans would call the number on the plaque and would answer a question, leaving a message through voicemail with name and phone number. The question was: “What’s the name of Cormoran Strike’s assistant?” and you had to choose among 3 options. Nothing complicated, but still exciting. Lara Mendonça, AJKR UK Reporter

We talked to two eye witnesses. They explained in their own words the events of October 21st.

We were welcomed by our host called Stephen Cooper, who was in character as our host at a party for an author called Owen Quine (from Galbraith’s The Silkworm), that we’d been invited to. However, it soon turned out that Owen Quine’s manuscript had been stolen and our task was to retrieve it by solving a series of puzzles and clues. He welcomed in two of the servants there, who’d be our guides. Natalie Fernandes, Eye Witness

Upon entering the office where the manuscript was supposedly concealed, it became obvious that our team of five was pretty incredible. Hailing from all over the country, each of us had a different way of thinking and problem solving that made us invaluable to the overall effort. We had the eminently logical and the creatively minded; the type who know every twist and trope in crime fiction and knew exactly where to look, and then the kind who understood puzzles and games and how to solve them. Each challenge needed this mix of abilities; creativity, general knowledge, and logic were what had us retrieving the manuscript with minutes to spare. Solving each puzzle came with such a thrill, from figuring out how to open a suitcase to finding a clue piece hidden in a concealed drawer. Harriet Allner, Eye Witness


Thank you to AJKR/Potterish reporter, Lara Mendonça and key eye witnesses Harriet Allner and Natalie Fernandes!

Filed Under: Cursed Child, Harry Potter Play, Pottermore // Oct 22 2015

The play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” being produced in London next year is a sequel about Harry and his son, Albus Severus. The story picks up after the famous Epilogue of Deathly Hallows, when Al is headed off to Hogwarts. A lot more details were revealed in The Daily Mail including start dates for rehearsal (February or March) and the play (June). There is also a tagline attached: “The Eighth Story, Nineteen Years Later”.

More details:

A statement from the creative team noted that Al must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted and that ‘past and present fuse ominously’ when Harry and his younger son learn the uncomfortable truth that ‘sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places’.

‘Because it’s a play, it’s worth stressing that at this stage of the process it’s not our intention to have a high-tech show, but to go back to basic story telling,’ Friedman said. She and Callender both termed it ‘raw theatre’.

However, they have hired special effects experts and an illusionist. ‘We very much hope to deliver magic — but in our unique way,’ Friedman added.

Pottermore revealed the promotional artwork for the play today also. A child, possibly Albus, is huddled inside a Golden Snitch.


Previews begin on June 7 at the Palace Theatre, when tickets to see both parts will be priced £20, £50, and £80 to £100. (They can be watched on one day on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.)

From August 3, after The Cursed Child has opened, seats for the two shows will cost £30, £70, £100 or £130. Tickets to see just one part of the production can be bought at half the prices quoted.

Priority tickets for those who registered to see the June to September shows can be bought online from next Wednesday; others can buy seats two days later. The show officially opens on July 30.

Registration for preliminary sales ends the 24th of October. Read more details here to get your tickets!

Earlier this month, Robert Galbraith tweeted telling the world about his first broadcast interview.

More information about that very special appearance has been announced. Rowling, sorry Robert is to appear on the BBC2 Radio’s, Simon Mayo’s Drivetime Show as part of their Book Club and to to promote Career of Evil, the third instalment in the Cormoran Strike novels, which was released yesterday. We are expected to hear the answers to why she decided to write as Galbraith, and her feelings once her identity as the author was exposed. Answers we’re all been dying to know!

Radio 2 head of programmes Lewis Carnie has released a statement saying, “I am delighted JK Rowling will be giving Radio 2 her first UK radio interview as Robert Galbraith. The Radio 2 Book Club has become the most listened-to book club, and to have one of the most critically acclaimed authors of our time as a guest on the show is going to be a real treat for our listeners.”

Interesting little fact, the last time Simon Mayo interviewed J.K. Rowling was in 2000, at the very beginning of the Harry Potter craze.

The interview will be on November 2nd on BBC2 Radio’s, Simon Mayo’s Drivetime Show.

Filed Under: Career of Evil, Cormoran Strike Series, Novels // Oct 20 2015

Today is the big day! It’s the release of Robert Galbraith’s third Cormoran Strike novel, Career of Evil which, is in stores today!


P.S. Always J.K. Rowling will be reporting live from Little Brown Publisher’s Panic Room #MakeMeADetective launch event in honor of Career Of Evil tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Career of Evil is just days from publication (only 11 days to be exact) and thanks to The Guardian, we now have an excerpt from the 3rd Cormoran Strike novel!


This Ain’t the Summer of Love

He had not managed to scrub off all her blood. A dark line like a parenthesis lay under the middle fingernail of his left hand. He set to digging it out, although he quite liked seeing it there: a memento of the previous day’s pleasures. After a minute’s fruitless scraping, he put the bloody nail in his mouth and sucked. The ferrous tang recalled the smell of the torrent that had splashed wildly on to the tiled floor, spattering the walls, drenching his jeans and turning the peach-coloured bath towels – fluffy, dry and neatly folded – into blood-soaked rags.



You can NOW read the first TWO CHAPTERS of Career of Evil! For chapter one, click here. For chapter two, here!

An audio version of the first two chapter has ALSO been released. Listen to Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 narrated by award winning actor, Robert Glenister!

Scans from Time magazine featuring the excerpt & a new photoshoot have also been added to the gallery! We edited the beautiful photo of Jo from the scan as best as we could. Please give proper credit when reposting. Enjoy!

Gallery > Magazines > Time – October 19, 2015

Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

Gallery > Studio Photoshoots > Set 42

Click to Enlarge

Filed Under: Harry Potter Series, Pottermore // Oct 09 2015

Pottermore & Apple have teamed up to bring you all seven Harry Potter books as interactive eBooks featuring 223 illustrations, animations, interactive images & annotations from J.K. Rowling herself! Each eBook is different than the ones which Pottermore exclusively sold. Illustrations from Pottermore were used, along with animation that even make sounds as you read! Brand new covers were commissioned as well. The “Harry Potter Enhanced Editions” will now be sold exclusively on Apple’s iBook.

“I’m thrilled to see the Harry Potter books so beautifully realized on iBooks for the digital world; the artwork and animations in these enhanced editions bring the stories alive in a delightful new way,” -J.K. Rowling via Press Release

You can purchase all seven eBook today! Each retails for $9.99 in the US & £6.99 in the UK (also available in English in 32 countries retailing at conversion rate of prices above). You can pre-order the Harry Potter enhanced editions in French, German and Spanish, which will be available on November 9th in 18 other countries. Click here to purchase!

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